Activity 2 (5 minutes)

1. (a)   Completetheequationsforthefollowingreactions

(b)   Drawandnamethestructureoftheorganiccompoundformed


(i) 3-methyl-2-pentene + KMnO4







(ii) 3-hexene + KMnO4







(iii) 2-chloro-3-methyl-2-pentene+ KMnO4







Activity 3 (10 minutes


1. Given the words below

Alkenes   unsaturated       double    Bromine   

Catalyst   cracking      heating   colourless


Use the appropriate word to fill the blank spaces


Large hydrocarbons molecules are broken down by ----------------------them and passing them over a hot -------------------. This process is called --------------------------. Some of the molecules produced when we do this contain -----------------bond. They are called----------------------hydrocarbons. They are examples of group of hydrocarbons called the ---------------------and can be detected using ----------------

water which turns ---------------------.

2. Draw a pair of possible alkane/alkene from the cracking of octane C8H18




3. (a)    Compound B (C2H4) and C8H18 are produced by cracking C14H30

Write a balanced chemical equation for the cracking process




(b)   Give two conditions for catalytic cracking.




(c)   Chemistry students were doing reactions in the laboratory using hexane and hexene but the labels of the bottles dropped off. Describe a chemical test that the students could use to identify the two hydrocarbons correctly giving the results of the test.


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